Starting in September the Castro Senior Center film program will no longer be showing the Friday classic films. This is due to a scheduling conflict that requires the senior center to schedule bingo on Friday afternoons. Anyone who attended the Friday movies is invited to join the Friday Bingo group which will start at 12:45 PM.


Films start at 12:45 unless otherwise noted with  ** early start @ 12:30.

The Monday film program will continue and we will show both newer and classic films in the monthly schedule. This will reduce the number of days per month in which movies will be shown. For example, because of the Labor Day Holiday on Monday September 3rd we will only show three movies on three Mondays in September. Those film are listed below

I am discontinuing the movies on Friday so we'll only have films on Monday and fewer movies shown each month

Monday, September 3rd. Labor Day Holiday – Castro Senior Center will be closed

Monday, September 10th Book Club

Year: 2018

Time: 1hr. 44min.

Friends and members of the 60-plus set, Diane, Jane, Sharon and Carol have seen it all when it comes to relationships. But after reading "Fifty Shades of Gray," they're inspired to make bold choices in the romance department, with hilarious results. Cast includes, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda Candace Bergen and Mary Steenburgen.


Monday, September 17th. The Death of Stalin

Year: 2018

Time: 1hr. 46min.

Before his sudden death in 1953, Joseph Stalin held the Soviet Union in his iron grip for more than 30 years. This dark satire depicts the subsequent turmoil as his scheming minions begin jockeying for power. Cast includes; Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin, Simon Russell and Jeffrey Tambour.


Monday, September 24th. The Awful Truth

Year: 1937

Time: 1hr. 33min.

This captivating screwball comedy stars Cary Grant and Irene Dunne as Jerry and Lucy Warriner, a married couple who mistakenly suspect each other of infidelity and file for divorce -- but then go to ridiculous lengths to make each other jealous. Ralph Bellamy is hilarious as Dunne's new suitor, Grant and Dunne have rarely been better, and a scene-stealing pooch provides some hearty laughs. Leo McCarey won an Oscar for his sprightly direction.



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R rated movies may include adult themes, hard language, high levels of violence, sexually oriented nudity and/or drug abuse.


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